Vampire Hunter – Lieutenant Colonel Liam Brunner

Soldier Liam Brunner quote - every action with purpose, every word with intention. That is how I operate and I need you to trust in that. Everyone's lives may depend on it

Vampire Hunter – Lieutenant Colonel Liam Brunner

When Liam enters the fight vampires run. Unlike Lieutenant Wolf he shows no compassion, empathy, or hesitation when he kills. Vampires regard him with as much respect as they do terror, sometimes to a curious degree. When he joined the Alley, Liam chose to put his past behind him, giving up everything including his name. This brutal fighter and brilliant tactician is known only by the name Storm now. The only hints of what he left behind is his faded Dublin accent. Storm now serves as second in command at the Alley installation known as the League, situated in the prairies outside Calgary, Alberta. The only one above him is Brigadier General Felix Highlander, an exacting man, yet one who holds Storm up as the pinnacle of what a vampire hunter should be: unflinching and bound to duty.

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The Stone Soldier

Storm is known to be a stern and unforgiving leader. Despite his lack of empathy, he is one of the Alley‘s most decorated officers. No one has seen any hint of emotion from the Colonel, leading many to believe he is completely incapable of them.
Exceptional at all he does, Storm is part of the elite group of soldiers authorized for close quarters combat. His skill makes him the only person able to compete with Lieutenant Wolf at the Alley’s annual tournament. Despite all of her advantages, Storm is able to keep the Lieutenant struggling to maintain her title.

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Behind the Reputation

Lieutenant Wolf is one of the rare people who have gained Storm’s respect. He sees her as the only person within the Alley he can relate to. Letting his guard down around her, he reveals himself to be a far more complex man than what he lets on. In many regards the two are alike, only where Wolf has learned to make the best of her situation, Storm has been hardened by a past he won’t speak of.

Whatever happened to lead Storm to become a hunter, it made him have the Alley assign him a new name so he could put the tragedy behind him. Now, Liam Brunner is known as Storm, or the Stone Soldier.

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Leashing the Wolf

There are few tasks harder than keeping someone alive who throws themselves fully into battle with little concern for their own safety. The Alley has tasked Storm with two difficult tasks, protect their investment in Lieutenant Wolf and serve as the deciding vote on whether continuing to risk her in battle is worth the potential cost of her freedom.

The Colonel expects complete obedience from the troops under his command and Wolf is known for an independence no military service has shaken. It may be impossible for him to do anything but damn her to a life she’s struggled to avoid since she was conscripted.

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Liam Brunner has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) focused on control and order.

Albinism is the cause of Liam Brunner’s white hair, pale skin, and brown eyes that reflect red. Though his brows and lashes are black, he says that this was just the way his albinism manifested. Learn more about this often misunderstood condition here.

In writing this character it was important for me to keep him from being one-dimensional while still being stoic. Traits were worked into his personality to keep from this, as well as to keep him from being too much of a stereotype of masculinity that dictates men shouldn’t have feelings.

Storm is one of my favourite characters in the book, but also perhaps the most difficult. You’ll see why.

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