Vampire Descendant – Vincent Kama


Vampire Descendant Vincent Kama

Building a New World

To Vincent, and the rest of the Sāmasiddhi clan, losing even the slightest control to the predator they have become is unacceptable. Like his brethren, he was instructed on how to master himself and was not allowed into society until even starvation couldn’t shake his civility. Regardless of the situation, Vincent will greet an enemy with as much courtesy and respect as he would a friend. It is a practice that has allowed him to attain connections all around the world.

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A Vast Global Empire

The New World Nightclub is the public face of Vincent Kama’s interests and where he can usually be found. It is, however, only one of the many businesses he oversees. Vincent’s diverse empire keeps his fingers in almost ever aspect of society, both human and vampire. Nothing goes on that Vincent is not aware of, and he will sell that information to the highest bidder, or give it away if there is a benefit to him.

Though only about two hundred years old – young by vampire standards – Vincent is remarkably wise. He is also one of the few vampires around his age influential enough to have a Guardian in his employ. Alessandro De Luca, a Descendant of the Paragon vampire Seline De Luca, takes care of the numerous details of Vincent’s empire.

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A Strong Belief In Hope

Vincent is a devoted believer of the hope within the Prophecy. While his empire is important to him, his desires are shadowed by his understanding that should the humans become extinct, Descendants would be a dying breed. Despite what it could cost him, Vincent will do whatever is needed to see his people thrive. “. . .at the end of my days, I will not look back upon the ruins of this world and say ‘I should have done something’. The future I hope for is brighter than that.”

As one of the faithful, Vincent reveres Michael Bayne as a god. He also gives profound respect the Estellia Highlander, although she is the Alley’s most dangerous weapon.

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Peacemaker of Puppet Master

The treaty that exists between the Alley and vampire society is the first of its kind. This Cessation of Hostility agreement ensures that the two races will not needlessly go to war and threaten innocent lives. It was both proposed and negotiated by Vincent Kama. During this time, he openly admitted to the Board of Generals that his most potent ability was in persuasion. This admittance allowed the Board to take measures to counteract any attempts to use that ability, but also won Vincent trust that would have otherwise been impossible to attain.

The document is a labyrinth of clauses and stipulations. It ensures that in exchange for information about vampires who cannot live peacefully, the Alley will only hunt those who will not live by the laws governed by this treaty.

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Vincent is a blend between the traditional and the modern. Since he came from a culture I have never been submerged in, a lot of the descriptions of his accent and movement were based off the study of the speech and mannerisms of Indian actors during casual interviews. There was also some study of common courtesies and cultural practices of people of the Hindu faith.

Many different ideas were gone through before settling on Vincent’s current demeanor. Originally, he was a bit of a ladies man…but then I decided there were enough of those in the story.

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