At no time in history has the legend of the vampire matched reality. To make yourselves feel better, humans took the truth and bent it hoping to control the fear and regaining their pride. Now you can no longer recognize the truth walking among you. What you don’t want to face, dear human, is that we are as similar to you as we are different. We are a mirror that shows you what exists inside. It is a reflection that lacks your failings. However, the biggest difference between your kind and ours isn’t that you are trapped in mundane, deficient bodies. It is that, in the end, we are simply the better monster.selene_de_luca




We are the nightmare that makes you grip your sheets at night and the fantasy you long for. The truth is that ….

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What little is known of the Paragon is shared among those of the blood in hushed whispers and backrooms,…

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Look forward to learning more about the Lost Infernal vampire bloodlines as more of the series roles out.