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Cover Page for Vampire / Hunter novel series Lost Infernal Prequel - DeceptionWolf must choose to either take the power to survive, or live for a past that nearly killed her.

Lieutenant Wolf doesn’t let emotion get in the way of performing her duty. Putting the Alley first has kept her safe and free. Yet, when she’s asked to kill an ally of the man who sacrificed himself to save her life, the mission weighs heavily on her.

Curious as to why all the Alley’s information on the target came from the same source, Wolf arranges to meet with their informant, Marcus. She quickly discovers the vampire has engineered not only the mission she’s been assigned, but that he counted on her coming to see him. Speaking on behalf of a mysterious Paragon vampire, he offers her an alliance and power enough that she will never have to watch someone else die for her. The price of his tempting offer however, is to kill a good man and a friend of the man she loved.

* A Novella

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