Vampire God – Michael Bayne

Paragon God, Michael Bayne - Your only salvation lies in me stepping away before you completely surrender

Paragon Vampire Michael Bayne

A God Among Vampires

Although more than 800 years old, Michael is far from the oldest vampire; yet his power eclipses them all. He is considered a god among his own kind for good reason. A command from this roguish Irishman cannot be ignored. He is so powerful even the other Paragon bow to his will – as does reality itself. On a whim he can destroy a city block, then restore it as though nothing had ever happened.

After Bloody October, where a cult of vampires slaughtered tens of thousands of Innocents in his name, the Alley hunted him down and burned him so badly he wasn’t recognizable. Still he escaped. It took them over thirty years to find him back in his homeland. They immediately sent troops to Ireland to keep an eye on him and gather information. What they faced instead was a foe who could not be tracked and taunted them at every turn.

When he suddenly returns to Canada for the first time since the massacre, his mortal intent seems to not be focused on the vampire hunters who nearly killed him, but their most powerful weapon, Lieutenant Estellia Highlander.

Tarot of the hidden truth

Worshipped and Reviled

The hunters don’t understand what roused the vampire god from his relative anonymity and made him slaughter 30,000 Innocents, but the war that ensued nearly destroyed the Alley. Vampire society fared little better, losing all but the few vampires smart enough to stay out of sight or barter for their lives.

In a last effort to kill the man responsible for Bloody October, the Alley sent their remaining battle-ready troops against the Paragon. Five hundred hunters took on the battle and less than thirty survived. His disciples slain, the Paragon barely managed to get away – and that was only because another Paragon stepped in to save him.

tarot of the hunted predator

Both Predator and Prey

It may have taken three decades for Michael Bayne to resurface after his battle with the Alley, but when he did, it was without fear. The popular socialite proved quickly that there is no time that he is not in control. When he would attend parties or events, he always made sure the troops sent to monitor him were invited. Taking the time to talk with them, he made it easy for them to put tracers on him and his vehicles, but the devices stopped working when he left their company.

Leads within the media and government, even with people who claimed to know him, exposed nothing but the frightening realization that his sway within the human world was no less than his control over his own kind.

tarot of the vengeful heart

A Conflicted Soul

Most vampire believe in the Prophecy, or a variant thereof. Yet Michael sees it as nothing more than the ancient ramblings of a madman, believed by those who need more faith in themselves. He detests that the fable would dare to dictate his life, reviles the Ukhozi who has ceaselessly tries to sway him into belief, and thinks the fate of humanity hinging on a mutation found in a single woman is implausible.

The Prophecy would have him work with the woman responsible for the death of a Paragon who Michael had been close to – William MacGregor. After nearly a decade of steeping in his hatred for the vampire hunter Estellia Highlander, it seems his dedication to killing the tool of the Prophecy will be harder than he could have imagined.

Amy Ryan - Irish African vampire, Guardian of Michael Bayne

The de Luca clan has positioned itself well. The powers inherent in Selene’s offspring make them valuable Guardians to both powerful Descendants and to the Paragon themselves. As such, the clan has influence among most of the other bloodlines.

Amy Ryan may seem a woman whose primary concern her appearance and her time, but it is her wit, lack of fear, and impatience that makes her the perfect match for the vampire god. It is by her hard work that Michael remained hidden from the hunters for so long. Since he returned to the public eye, she continues to manage his appearances, the media that follows him, and the government’s records of him. Should he begin to act in ways that threatens either his image or his safety, Amy is quick to get him back in line.

character trivia graphic representing the vampire hunter's bullets

Several characters in the book have themes off which they are based. Michael’s theme is addiction. From his personality, to his powers, once he has you it’ll take everything you have to escape him.

Writing Michael was challenging because his powers of command and seduction make him not only the holder of some of the most quintessential vampire powers, but ones that could be considered morally repugnant. It’s always interesting trying to sculpt a character that you want to be widely appealing yet could be seen as rather rapey..

Putting together Michael’s personality meant trying to keep in mind something that would be key to changing even the best of people: who would you become after almost a millennium of being treated as a god, and holding the power to take anything you wanted?

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