Paragon Vampires

Vampire paragon banner - we are your gods of legend

What is there that can be said about the Paragon without getting us both killed? They are the only vampires capable of creating others, those known as the Descendants. Our history says the Paragon evolved from humankind tens of thousands of years ago. The name of the first is lost, as is any real knowledge of when the Paragon began to emerge, but we now refer to her as the Ancient. Where she was born, who she was as a human, the only one who knows is the Ukhozi, a force that only emerges in times of great importance and, if you believe he even exists, is a harbinger of change.

Immortal Souls

vampire paragon in a black and red gown offering a vial of extremely red blood. too red. much too red.

All things must die, so it is with the Paragon. The body can be destroyed but that is not their end. If reincarnation in others is believed, when we die we start over. When Paragon return however, their Ascendance to whatever it is they are becoming is only slowed. Those first few years of their new life are spent as normal as any human child – maybe at most seeming to be ‘old souls’ or savants to those around them. Then comes their Awakening. All their previous power comes rushing back, with the lessons of their past lives burnt into their instincts. No, they don’t remember the life. Could you imagine the burden of such an existence? Remembering every pain, every death, every friend, and loved one you’ve left behind for eons?

New Paragon are still Ascending, William MacGregor being the last. Though he did not have lives upon which to build his power, he was still a formidable man who had the respect of most bloodlines. No one knows where the ShadowCrafter came from, but it is possible he Ascended because the soul of another Paragon had been destroyed. The Magnate and any who were involved in his death will not speak of how it happened. What we do know is that the soul’s death was brought on by the Ancient, under the guidance of the Ukhozi himself, to protect us all from the Paragon Arsames and his madness.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Every Paragon is wildly different, but perhaps their shared ability is their most impressive. Descendants will never change, but Paragon will take cues from the blood they drink. It allows them to grow taller, modify their features, and even their skin tone over an extended period – one has even been able to switch their gender as well. But this is not the only way they can blend into the people around them. It takes a lot of power, but Paragon can influence their apparent age and even the length of their hair within a few days. These skills, and so much more I’m not telling you as I’d like to continue to live, make it near impossible to hunt down Paragon…and heaven help the person who does.

The ShadowCrafter

Only his clan refer to the ShadowCrafter by name. He is feared by all, even the Anari bloodline who specialize in terror. The ShadowCrafter’s power rivals that of the god himself.

Headshot of the vampire Paragon William MacGregor who martyred himself to save Estellia's life

William MacGregor

The most recent soul to Ascend, William MacGregor was in his first incarnation when he was killed by the Alley in their bid to liberate Estellia Highlander from him, an operation that nearly killed her as well.

headshot of the last incarnation of the first vampire - the Ancient

The Ancient

A legend a thousand years old. Few remember this woman or her extinct bloodline but for the words of the Prophecy foretelling her return to save both humanity – and in turn the vampires – from extinction.

headshot of vampire god, Paragon Michael Bayne, without his eyes glowing

Michael Bayne

Known as a god even by the other Paragon, Michael has always been the most powerful vampire to exist. Though the second vampire to Ascend from humanity, his power eclipses those of the legend of the Ancient.

headshot of Ai Sato - Paragon of the Sato vampire clan. Killed by the ShadowCrafter

Ai Sato

At the time of her last death, Ai was the oldest Paragon in history. Though unassuming in appearance, she was over 2,000 years old and led the largest clan. Whispers are all there is of what killed Ai, but those who found her say she killed herself – something she would not have done easily.

headshot of the Paragon vampire Naveen Satapathi from India

Naveen Satapathi

Naveen commands a worldwide business empire through his bloodline, the Sāmasiddhi clan. He is not known to get involved in vampire society unless he must. Rather, he watches patiently and listens. Though Naveen is from India, his features have been impacted by habitually having his donors imported from a variety of cultures -a practice suspected to be tied to an unknown clan ability.

headshot of the Paragon of the de Luca clan, Selene de Luca

Selene De Luca

Immunity to almost all vampiric abilities from the bloodlines she’s drank from is the rumoured to be behind why Selene survived being the lover of the ShadowCrafter for almost fifty years. It was a long time ago, but still gives others pause. To be the companion of such evil is one thing, but for her to hold his wandering attention for so long is quite another.