Notorious Artwork Of Shonna White


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Every year I draw eight to nine new pieces. When it comes to drawing real people I have a few rules. Most importantly, I will not draw a real person shirtless if they are not shirtless in their movies/shows or posing that way for magazines. I also try my damnedest to draw the body they have or the body they had at the time they portrayed the character.

Regardless of how real the person is, I tweet and FB out intent and progress shots to their official social media pages (when they have them). In the case of a character pic, I also try to keep the company they belong to notified. This is partially because – while I’m not sure how likely it is they’ll see it – I want to give them a chance to provide feedback. Their bodies/characters, their rules. Fan art is a questionable world with it comes to expos, and I want to make sure I’m being respectful while exploring fandoms with my fellow geeks. You might be surprised how many people I’ve introduced to new games or shows through my art – or at least that’s what they tell me!

To date, most of my experiences with this have been positive, with companies and actors being amazing about the work with lots of requests for personal copies! My art has given me the opportunity to connect with some of these amazing actors, character artists, and production houses across various media. Considering the nature of this form of art, I couldn’t be more grateful.

So, how long does each piece take? Between finding reference shots, studying the character so I can pick an appropriate pose, and drawing…

approximately 40-60 hours per piece

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