Fan Art

banner for the fan art page for the vampire hunter series lost infernal

I believe that fan art is one of the strongest forms of flattery there is. When you love something enough to invest time in whatever that entertainment medium is, then spend more doing things inspired by it, you are showing just how much that media means to you. As a Fan Artist myself, I want to encourage artists to share their Lost Infernal fan art with me and the world! But, as it is the internet, there are some…

  • Do not submit anything requiring a mature tag. It won’t get posted.
  • Images only. No Fanfic. Sorry, but I’m not taking that risk!
  • I’ll post your name along with it, and your DeviantART site if you tell me what it is.
  • Only submit your own work.
  • Do not submit works that are not yours and represent them as your works. Art theft is a dick move. Don’t be that person. Nobody likes that person.

Submit Your Own

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