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Live With Courage. Die With Honour.

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We are your gods of legend.

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Lost Infernal – For those who like vampires and the people who love to kill them


Having brushed her tragic past behind a twisted sense of humor, Lieutenant Estellia Highlander lives to be the best. When a god-like vampire returns fifty years after nearly destroying the Alley, the military division assigns Estellia to the team charged with killing him. Their hopes to prevent another war lies within the powerful mutation she carries, a mutation that makes her more like the target she hunts than the Innocents she protects. The mission takes Estellia deep into vampire society where she discovers something far more sinister than the Paragon vampire Michael Bayne is emerging. If she and Michael cannot work together to defeat the rising darkness, humanity could be lost.

represents the traditional stake used to kill vampires but with a new twist. The hunters use bullets that have four barbs that pop out on impact, lodging the bullet inside the vampire.


Fear is an emotion that drives more of human behavior than we like to admit. When we choose not to …

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Blood drop representing Paragon vampire blood withing Descendant blood


At no time in history has the legend of the vampire matched reality. To make yourselves feel better,…

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so much going on in this logo. Lost Infernal's world isn't just hunters and vampires, you'll have to read to find the new creatures it has


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I once had a deeper meaning for this logo, back when I made it. Lord knows what the hell that was now!


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There can only be one! Vampire hunter Estellia Highlander. She's the chosen one. Where there is Prophecy, there must always be a chosen one. Names_Esteallia-Highlander_vampire_hunter The world is in danger. Covered by the fire and shadows of the ShadowCrafter clan who seek to take over a prophecy believed by the vampire race.
Life challenges and Estellia overcomes, doing it with a grin on her face that tells the world she will never be a victim again. However, it is the past she’d rather forget that makes her the target of both the Paragon vampire Michael Bayne and the growing darkness inside her.

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vampire hunter liam brunner also known as storm also known as the stone soldier Names_Storm_Liam_Brunner
Few people have seen Storm smile. Whatever happened in his life before he joined the Alley, it both scarred him and gave him a strange familiarity with the vampire god they face. Now leading the force tasked with killing the Paragon, he must balance his need for vengeance with his duty of keeping Wolf alive.

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Headshot of the Paragon vampire god / lord Michael Bayne Names_Michael_Bayne_Paragon_Vampire_God
Forty-seven years ago, a massacre spread across the country. 30,000 Innocents died at the whim of an immensely powerful Paragon vampire. When Michael Bayne reemerges, the Alley must send everything they have against an enemy who nearly destroyed them or risk another slaughter of those they vowed to protect.

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Headshot of vampire Descendant Vincent Kama. From India. Descendant of Paragon Vampire Naveen Satapathi. He comes from a clan of peacemakers and puppet masters Names_Vampire_Descendant_vincent_kama
A baby face makes this Descendant appear young, yet Vincent is over two hundred years old. Owner of the New World Nightclub and many other businesses, he has built an empire on his ability to sway the opinions of those around him. He is, after all, the Descendant who convinced a government – and the hunters they control – to agree to a peace treaty meant to protect his people.

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headshot of the evil vampire god the ShadowCrafter Names_shadowcrafter_paragon_vampire_evil_lord
Few vampires will talk of the Paragon known as the ShadowCrafter. He is a legend so feared that other Paragon ban speaking his name and avoid his bloodline at all costs. Patient, cruel, and violent, he is reshaping the world to suit his desires and not even the god, Michael Bayne, has been able to stop him.

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